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4 Ways To Increase Live Weight In broilers And Egg Size In layers

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There are several ways to increase weight in broilers and egg size in layers: In this article we are focusing on general management of broilers and layers to increase production and the vaccination protocols for poultry:

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1. Nutrition: Provide a balanced diet that meets the nutritional requirements of the birds. Feed them with high-quality feed that is rich in protein, energy, vitamins, and minerals. Ensure that the feed is also fresh and free from contaminants.

2. Environment: Provide a clean and comfortable environment for the birds. Ensure that the temperature, humidity, and ventilation are appropriate for the birds’ age and stage of development. Also, provide adequate space for the birds to move around.

3. Genetics: Select breeds that have a high growth rate or egg-laying ability, depending on the type of bird.

4. Management: Proper management practices, such as regular cleaning and disinfection of the housing, regular monitoring of the birds’ health, and proper handling of the birds, can contribute to their overall health and productivity.

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As for vaccination protocols for broilers and layers, the exact schedule will depend on the specific diseases that are prevalent in your region. However, here are some general guidelines:

1. Broilers: Vaccinate against infectious bronchitis, Newcastle disease, and Marek’s disease.

2. Layers: Vaccinate against infectious bronchitis, Newcastle disease, Marek’s disease, and fowl pox.

The exact timing and frequency of vaccinations will depend on the vaccine used, the age of the birds, and the disease prevalence in the region. Consult with a veterinarian or poultry specialist to develop a vaccination program specific to your flock.

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