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The Profitability Of Broilers Versus Layers -Overview 2023 Guide



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The profitability of broilers versus layers depends on several factors, including market demand, input costs, and management practices. In general, broilers tend to be more profitable than layers because they have a shorter lifespan and faster growth rates, which means they can be sold for meat at a younger age.

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Housing: Both broilers and layers require appropriate housing to ensure their health and well-being. The housing should be designed to provide adequate space, ventilation, and lighting. Broilers require a temperature-controlled environment, while layers require nesting boxes and perches.

Feeding: Broilers and layers have different nutritional requirements, and their diets should be formulated accordingly. Broilers require a high-protein diet to support their rapid growth, while layers require a diet that is high in calcium to support egg production.’

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Vaccinating: Both broilers and layers require vaccinations to prevent diseases. Broilers are typically vaccinated against common poultry diseases such as Newcastle disease and infectious bronchitis, while layers are also vaccinated against diseases such as fowlpox and avian influenza.

Rearing of birds: Broilers are typically raised for 6-8 weeks, while layers are raised for 18-20 weeks before they start laying eggs. During this time, the birds should be monitored closely for signs of illness or stress.

Equipment for broiler rearing: To start broiler rearing, you will need a broiler house or shed, which should be designed to provide adequate space, ventilation, and lighting. You will also need feeding and watering equipment, heating equipment such as brooders or heaters, and a source of electricity. Additionally, you will need equipment for cleaning and disinfecting the broiler house, and for handling and transporting the birds.

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In terms of profitability, broiler production is generally more profitable than layer production due to faster growth rates and shorter production cycles. However, this can vary depending on market demand and input costs. It is important to conduct a thorough cost-benefit analysis before starting any poultry production enterprise to determine the most profitable option.

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